Heavy Duty Tripods

The MQ Heavy Duty product line has been upgraded and the quality is now even better: the MQ Heavy Duty next generation. These tripods have a modern design, a higher load capacity and a long service life. In addition, this product line has been expanded with 4 new models.

The Heavy Duty Tripods are perfect for heavier and higher work and offer great stability. These tripods are used in many sectors and for various purposes. Laser trackers, scanners, construction lasers, theodolites, total stations and optical instruments are some examples where the tripods can be used for, among other things. You can equip the tripods with various types of feet and interchangeable adapters. This allows you to use your tripod at different locations and use it for different purposes. If stability and a high load capacity are important to you, then this is the right tripod!




The MQ Heavy Duty Tripods are made of aluminum and come in different variations. The aluminum meets the latest environmental requirements and is made of a high-quality alloy. The tripods are available with a fixed head or adjustable head / center column. The adjustable center column can be adjusted manually or with a self-locking crank drive. The tripods with an adjustable center column are equipped with a wear-resistant scale printing in millimeters. The tripods have a high torsional stability and are equipped with a tripod head with 3-point clamp. This clamp allows the adapter to be placed quickly and securely on the tripod. Curious about the types of adapters? Check our website at adapters.

The robust legs are supported towards the central tube for extra stability. The extendable legs are locked with a quick clamp. This quick clamp can be used both left and right and is therefore easy to operate for everyone. The spread limiter and the quick clamp make this tripod quick and easy to set up. The MQ logo is engraved at the top of the legs.

You can expand the tripod with a spirit level and with various types of feet. The feet of the tripod can easily be changed by screwing it in and out. The feet are available in flat feet, pointed feet or swivel wheel. This makes the tripod usable for any situation!



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